Delivering high-quality Japanese cosmetics and
health supplements to the world

SUHADA BEAUTY LAB. is a leading Japanese manufacturer of high-quality
products and exports numerous products throughout the world.
The company has an excellent global reputation for its abundant experience
and outstanding track record.

SUHADA BEAUTY LAB. is a manufacturing company with an excellent reputation in the Japanese market

We, SUHADA BEAUTY LAB., are Japanese manufacturing company that delivers high-quality Japanese cosmetics and health supplements to the global market. We have an excellent reputation in the Japanese market and 36 years of abundant experience and outstanding results as a manufacturing company. We have received high praise both in Japan and overseas for the quality of its products. As a top-level Japanese manufacturer, we have built a system that allows us to handle every customer demand, including both small lot production and mass production. Customers from a variety of industries throughout the world are given an integrated service from product planning through to design, production, manufacture and exports, and rapidly supplied with unique products.

SUHADA BEAUTY LAB. takes every precaution to ensure the safe and reliable manufacture of products

We are specialist manufacturer of skincare products that have been created in the pursuit of healthy and beautiful skin since the company's establishment. We are particularly careful when selecting the ingredients used in cosmetics and develops safe, effective and high-quality cosmetics. With a long and proud track record and outstanding results in the field of beauty treatment, we have learned first-hand about numerous skin types and skin characteristics and makes full use of this knowledge in producing highly dependable products. We propose our own high-quality specialized products developed for unique procedures and beauty treatments, as well as facial techniques aimed at the next generation.

High-quality products are created on manufacturing lines governed by strict standards.

Our manufacturing plant makes products on manufacturing lines approved under strict manufacturing standards (G.M.P.) governed by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We carry out ongoing research and development in order to respond to a variety of different needs. Thorough quality control is implemented for all processes, from the strict selection of raw materials through to export and delivery of the final product. Customers' needs are met, including the selection of manufacturing lines to suit lots, and cost reductions can be achieved through partnerships with overseas factories. Moreover, since last year a new system has been put in place to upgrade the Research Division and make it the hub of the entire manufacturing plant, allowing us to meet our customers' increasingly sophisticated needs.

1SBL’s corporate approach is to offer extremely reliable manufacturing.

Why does SBL create such reliable products?
Over the course of 36-year history, we have helped to popularize a large number of brands on the market. We have learned first-hand in beauty salons about numerous skin types and skin characteristics and made full use of this knowledge when creating products. We are able to create such high-quality products thanks to the abundant experience we have built up in this way.
How can I make high-quality products brimming with originality?
We carry out research and development in anticipation of the functionality and usability that will be required in future cosmetics and health supplements. We pursue end-user satisfaction in everything from raw materials through to packaging, and seek to create valuable products brimming with originality.
How can I make effective products that are safe to use on the skin?
We consider its most important mission to be "delivering safety and peace of mind". We set strict standards for our products and the raw materials included in them, and carry out checks on safety and reliability. We then assess the products' effectiveness and functionality and works hard to create a product that gives the customer a tangible sense of skin improvements and skin effects.
What kind of products can be made?
We work hard to make products that "meet customers' demands", "achieve the desired skin improvements" and "possess originality". High-quality products are created on our manufacturing lines and these products have an excellent reputation on the market. Moreover, we carry out exports of finished products in addition to bulk exports of the contents. (* Separate lots in the case of bulk exports.) ●Types of manufactured products
General cosmetics skincare products, make-up products, hair and body treatment products
Specialist cosmetics Aroma-skincare, additive-free skincare and Dr. Skincare
Beauty salon products beauty salon products specialized by function and special care products
Nutritional supplements health supplements, beauty supplements and nutritional supplements

2SBL makes proposals based on a rapid product manufacturing system

SBL makes proposals based on a rapid product manufacturing system
We provide reliable, high-quality original products on short timescales. The introduction of a unique OEM system in which prototype proposals are assessed by the customer alongside our monitoring staff and testing is repeated as often as necessary until the customer's needs are met allows us to promise completion at the earliest possible stage. The completed product is exported as quickly as possible.
How can I create a product in small lots with reduced cost?
We meet the needs of our customers, producing high-quality original products in both small and large lots. Our approach to corporate collaboration is to work together with our customers in OEM product business until success is achieved.
Manufactured lots (cost varies depending on volume)
General cosmetics Normally manufactured in lots of 1000+ (this may vary depending on the item)
Beauty salon products Normally manufactured in lots of 500+ (this may vary depending on the item)
Nutritional supplements The volume varies depending on the item. Please enquire for details.
(* Separate lots in the case of bulk exports.)
Can I ask a professional designer to carry out the design of the container and the box?
As well as the content, the container and package are an important element of the product. High-quality design features lead to the success of OEM product business. Our specialist package designers will offer detailed and thorough proposals. Particular care and attention is given to create proposals that meet the terms of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

3SBL also offers perfect follow-up after the OEM product is completed.

What product training and practical guidance are given for completed products?
We are a manufacturer with 36 years of experience in popularizing unique brands on the market. Accordingly, in-house specialists give customers product training and practical guidance to facilitate correct usage of the products created at SBL.
What product training and practical guidance are given for specialist beauty salon products?
Many of the specialist products used by beauty salon staff have formulations that are unique to SBL, allowing high-quality proposals. In-house specialists give product training and practical guidance on our specialist products to facilitate correct techniques.
(* We also offer a training system for overseas customers visiting Japan.)
Can you handle overseas export business and trademark registration?
The necessary documentation and procedures required for export business vary depending on the importing company, but we have a long track record of export business and you can rest assured that we will be able to take care of it. We will also offer guidance on the application methods for the trademark registrations needed when selling products so that the seller can continue to sell the product with peace of mind. We will also take responsibility for obtaining the product's manufacturing permits from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Can you tell me what I need to know about pharmaceutical law when making sales?
The Pharmaceutical Affairs Act is administered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to govern the manufacture and sale of products so that customers have peace of mind when using products. Before selling an OEM product, our in-house specialists provide clear guidance so that you can obtain the necessary knowledge.
(* Guidance is offered on both Japanese pharmaceutical law and pharmaceutical law in the importing company.)

4The strengths of SBL’s OEM products

Please get in touch with us if you want to sell OEM cosmetic products or OEM health supplements, if you are looking for a high-quality and carefully-selected product, or if you are seeking a cosmetic product or health supplement with a new concept. We offer the following advantages when producing an OEM product that you will be satisfied with and that the customer will be able to use with peace of mind.

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